PvP Mode is Coming to Mega Man X DiVE

The new contents are now in development for Mega Man X DiVE. CAPCOM has recently confirmed that there will be new gameplay modes and a brand new character, too.

Here’s the information shared via press release:

Strike Your Enemy! Let’s Equip Chip for Power Up

Fans from Mega Man all know that they can get skills from Bosses when you defeat them; and it will become “Chip” system in Mega Man X DiVE. Gamers will get the skill when they gain the Chip from Bosses and need to equip them for the skill.

For example, you will be able to use “Iron Ball” as you defeat Maoh the Giant. X could not absorb the skill from “Maoh The Giant”, who had been an opening Boss in Mega Man Series but in Mega Man X DiVE; on top of that, thanks to “Chip system, any character in this game will have the ability to transfer into Bosses’skills, which only X had before; and there are Passive Skills and Assistive Skills in game for gamers to choose as well.

Hence, what kind of Chip should be equipped depends on which enemies you encounter will be one of the greatest pleasure of Mega Man X DiVE.

Mega Man X DiVE to Release PvP Mode

The story plot of Mega Man X DiVE was based on Deep Log, the computer world where the game data of MEGAMAN X Series was stored called which means all the gamers will be able to interact with each other when get into it.

Besides the ”Co-op Mode” released before, Mega Man X DiVE development team submits a bold idea of PvP Mode that there never have been in Mega Man Series so as to make all the gamers from different place can play together. CBT Recruiting Event will be end soon. Sign up on the event site if you haven’t!

New Character “RiCO” Makes Her Debut!

In order to know more about Mega Man X DiVE faster, you definitely need a navigator, RiCO, to be with you.

RiCO is a whole new female character wearing a skirt-liked mecha with blue short hair and nice personality. Besides her cute looking you would like; she appears and helps you when you in need anytime!

Mega Man X DiVE will be globally launched later this year on iOS and Android. The game will feature the characters and bosses appeared in the past games! More info on Global Close Beta Registration, please click.