Pre-Registration for Mobile Masterpiece Saint Seiya: Awakening begins !

Anime-style role-playing game set to arrive this summer, YOOZOO Games opens up on details — and pre-registration for the much-anticipated collaboration

YOOZOO Games, Shanghai (date TBC) | Alongside developerTencent and renowned Japanese manga artist and writer Masami Kurumada, YOOZOO Games is publishing the forthcoming mobile RPG Saint Seiya: AwakeningMostly known for his work on fighting manga; featuring bishonen and magical boy, Masami Kurumada is the founder of the manga studio Kurumada Productions.

Saint Seiya: Awakening will look to recreate the classic Japanese comic featuring a group of mystical warriors known as ‘Saints’. It will play out with high definition 3D graphics and — much along the lines of the comics — the narrative lets you play through your favorite Saint Seiya moments and gameplay will feature combat-based exchanges with other characters. With a roster of hundreds of fighters to choose from, players will have the freedom to create a unique team with a tailored strategy.

With a striking art style that perfectly reflects Kurumada’s original work, characters and their respective skills are all based on the original animation. Some of Japan’s finest character voice-artists, from Jun Fukuyama (voice of Lelouch in Code Geass) to Yuki Kaji (Eren Yeager in Attack on Titan), help to complete a package dedicated to doing justice to the original series.

Pre-register for Saint Seiya: Awakening here — more news coming very soon!

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