Pre-registration for Call of Duty Mobile – Garena Has Opened in SEA

Rejoice! After a long wait, Garena has announced that pre-registration for the upcoming online FPS game, Call of Duty Mobile – Garena has begun!

Here’s the detail shared on its website:

Call of Duty: Mobile – Garena’s pre-registration phase has officially kicked off across Southeast Asia (SEA) as of today, 24th July 2019.

Based on the iconic Call of Duty® series, take the heart-pounding, adrenaline-fueled action with you wherever you go. Dive into multiple game modes including Team Deathmatch, Search and Destroy, Free For All, Battle Royale and many more!

Before the game is officially launched and the war begins, you and your friends can be the firsts to experience the battle. Pre-Register now here!

How to Pre-Register

To get started, all players must register on the official pre-registration page via Facebook or Garena login. After completing this step, players will be able to participate in various activities to unlock special rewards.

Pre-Registration Rewards

From skins to sprays to flashy emotes, you’ll be able to unlock various rewards by helping to spread the word about Call of Duty Mobile – Garena.

– 10,000 Pre-Registrations: FMJ Spray (3 Days)
– 20,000 Pre-Registrations: Frag Grenade (3 Days)
– 30,000 Pre-Registrations: “Yeah Buddy” Emote (3 Days)
– 50,000 Pre-Registrations: Smoke Grenade (3 Days)
– 80,000 Pre-Registrations: Neon Tiger M16 (7 Days)

*All rewards will only be credited after the game has officially launched on Google Play & App Store.

Daily Spin Rewards

Check-in daily to stand a chance at unlocking any of THREE (3) limited weapon including MSMC Yellow Triangle, BK57 Maple Leaves and HSD0405 Red Triangle

By sharing the website daily and inviting friends, you can unlock up to 87 spins in total!

Daily Share to Facebook: 2 FREE spins (per day)
Successful Friend Referrals: Up to 15 additional spins*

*Friend Referrals mechanism explained below. 

Exclusive Referral Rewards
Soldiers unite. Together we fight! Call of Duty: Mobile – Garena is a platform for you and your friends to assemble and conquer the region.
Follow the steps below to ensure you successfully invite your friends to pre-register. Pre-registration is only valid through the official pre-registration website. 

Step 1: Login to pre-register
Step 2: Copy your referral link by clicking on the “Copy Exclusive Link” and share it with your friends
Step 3: Your friends would need to click on your referral link and pre-register themselves to complete the whole process
Step 4: Share the website by clicking on “Share to FB” in order to receive additional 2 crates to open daily!

Call of Duty: Mobile will be available to download on iOS and Android worldwide this year, with Garena being an official publisher for the SEA territory.