Pocket Pioneers, New Cute Simulation Game, Enter Early Access on Android

505 Games has announced that Pocket Pioneers is now available on Google Play as an Early Access title.

Interested players can now download the game via TapTap now, and iOS version will be available later.

Welcome to the Official Pocket Pioneers Facebook Page.Note: This game is currently in Early Access for Google Play….

โพสต์โดย Pocket Pioneers เมื่อ วันจันทร์ที่ 14 กันยายน 2020

Here’s the information shared on Google Play:

Welcome to continent Qu, your newfound land of adventure! Begin your journey to build a new life in a bustling community of fellow Pocket Pioneers and help the local citizens.

Become whomever you want, create your ideal homestead, explore the lands and make new friends along the way! Pocket Pioneers is a new, charming adventure simulation game where you can create memories with friends from around the world, embark on limitless quests and discover the hidden magical secrets of continent Qu.

Key features:

• Play in real-time multiplayer – Play solo or form a Pocket Pioneer party of up to 20 friends to collaborate in real time adventures!
• Customize your heart out – Pioneer in style and choose from a variety of fun outfits and accessories. Decorate your homestead with quirky items and cool furniture pieces.
• Enjoy a vast world at your pace – Explore a whimsical world filled with a variety of things to do – go mining in the caves or fish with Ricardo the cat, tend to your crops or dance with friends at the beach!
• Complete hundreds of Quests – Accept special challenges and fulfill orders from the locals to level up your character and collect rewards to expand your homestead.
• Grow your friendships – Engage with animal townsfolk and gain their trust by helping them complete tasks and surprising them with gifts!
• Craft new tools and delicious recipes – Level up your tools, craft new equipment to create more resources and reap the bounties of the land!
• Experience unforgettable moments and unlock the magic – Discover the endearing personalities of Qu’s citizens and learn more about the secrets of this magical continent!