Nexon to Publish the new MMO World of Dragon Nest Firstly in Thailand

Nexon Thailand has announced that they have gained the right to be a publisher for the new MMO from Dragon Nest IP, World of Dragon Nest, for the first time in SEA territory.

The game will arrive firstly in Thailand before getting a release in Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore at the later date.

Here’s the overview from Nexon Thailand official Facebook Page:

Dear Dragon slayers! 🔥✊For now Nexon Thailand is getting right to publish the most spectacular Dragon Nest IP game on mobile (Hey! this is on mobile!) called “World of Dragon Nest” in South East Asia containing Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore. What’s coming on this version? Let’s check it out!!!

Endless fun on largest OPEN WORLD ✊
Experience for the first time one of the greatest MMORPGs now as an Open World on mobile. Immerse yourself in an adventure that you have never faced before in the World of Dragon Nest with various of features including farming, fishing, crafting, mining and much more.

New battle system, swap weapon 🗡⚔️
With new battle system, your character can use up to 2 weapons. With swap weapon feature, create your own style of journey and combo as much as you can.

Selectable gender! 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️
This is only Dragon Nest franchise that you can choose gender to play. Which style suits you the most? Choose for your journey!

Multi-verse storyline ⏳⏱
When the world has collapsed, the only way to save it is to go back to fix the past. From the traitor to a mighty hero… Velskud a Saint Haven knight who has betrayed his friend will back to fix his tragedy. Stay tune, or this is what just happened with Thanos?

A never-before-seen Dragon Nest battle Siege Warfare! ⚔️🔥
The greatest combat experience on the large scale siege warfare. Up to 200 people can play this content simultaneously. Get ready for this!

World of Dragon Nest will be arriving on iOS and Android firstly in Thailand this year. For more information, visit the official Thai fanpage and SEA fanpage.