New Idle RPG Based on ‘The Ruler of the Land’ to Have a Soft Launch in the Philippines

The popular Korean comic “The Ruler of the Land” by Korean artists Yang Hae-Hyun and Jeon Kuek-Jin is getting its mobile RPG titled The Ruler of the Land – Idle RPG published and developed by Jacob Studio Inc.

The Ruler of the Land – Idle RPG features the same characters from the original comic including the main characters, Bi-Kwan and Hwa-Rin. The game lets you embark on an epic adventure around the world of Murim and become the righteous ruler of the land! You can play the game in two ways: either play it IDLE and watch your heroes defeat the enemies even when offline, or TAP your way to victory by activating power-ups and leveling up your heroes and equipment.

Game Features:

– Play IDLE or TAP to win! – Watch your heroes battle enemies in idle mode or actively manage your stuff to create a powerful team of adventurers!

– RECRUIT allies and DEFEAT your enemies! – Never go on an adventure alone! Recruit some allies to come with you to defeat all enemies with ease! The more, the merrier!

– Gather RELICS and power up! – Are the enemies too tough? Gather relics and other powerful items to give your team of adventurers a power boost!

– ENDLESS FUN with thousands of stages to play! – With lots of game modes, thousands of stages, and intense boss battles, you will never run out of exciting ways to play this game!

Whether you are chilling at home or on a rush outdoors, The Ruler of the Land – Idle RPG is the perfect game for you!

The Ruler of the Land – Idle RPG will have its SOFT LAUNCH in the Philippines on August 5, 2019 (Monday) on all Android mobile phones. The game will have its Global Launch soon, so stay tuned!