Netmarble’s StoneAge World Developer Team Special Interview

Earlier in May, StoneAge World has started pre-registration in many regions including Asia.

Based on the StoneAge IP, this game approaches players by using more colorful and pleasant artstyle along with turn-based MMORPG system that everyone can enjoy with.

As the game launch comes closer, Netmarble has released a new interview by developer team of StoneAge World which you can find below!

Q1. Please give us a brief introduction of the game.

StoneAge World is a turn-based mobile MMORPG using Netmarble’s original PC game IP StoneAge that focuses on pet collection and their overall growth. With a delightful aesthetic perfect for all ages, players will become a powerful warrior in the  land of Tectonika and work together with other warriors to protect their home with the use of Pets they can collect, tame, and train….including Wooly Mammoths, Dinosaurs and over 250 other animals! 

Q2. What is the graphic of the level of StoneAge World? 

StoneAge world is based on the Unity Engine, which allows for the creation of high quality 3D graphics on mobile platforms. We primarily focused on enhancing StoneAge’s original characters and pets with the latest graphics technology, and streamlining StoneAge’s core gameplay for mobile platforms. 

Q3. How many servers exist for StoneAge World? 

StoneAge World has a total of 4 regional servers. Korea, Taiwan & Hong Kong, Asia and North America & Europe. Each region has its own server and we have prepared cross server contents as well for each region. 

Q4. What is the storyline of StoneAge World? 

StoneAge World is a turn-based mobile reimagining of the internationally acclaimed StoneAge online RPG. Players take on the role of a “Trainer”, a powerful warrior in the land of Tectonika with the use of tamable Pets. They must explore and defend Tectonika against the threat of an up-and-coming Machine Civilization. 

Q5. How do you play?

After creating your custom StoneAge World character, players are sent on a series of quests that introduces them to the land of Tectonica, and shows them how to effectively battle against dinosaurs and other creatures, tame and training animals, and how to navigate the land. 

In battle, players will choose from a pet’s set of skills and attack the enemy. After choosing which enemies to attack, the battle will play out, then players can take another turn to defeat enemies. After attacking a certain number of turns, specific pet skills will become available for players to use to inflict abnormal condition, attack more enemies, or impart status ailments against the opposition. 

Q6. What are some appeal points of StoneAge World?

StoneAge World mainly focuses on the fun of pet collection and training your pets, as there are over 250 pets for players to collect. This includes a large amount of dinosaurs and other popular prehistoric animals. It also features turn-based battles for up to 5v 5 pets, where players must strategically decide their party line-up, change Pets and use diverse strategy to fight. 

StoneAge World offers various social content that allow interactions among players based on the Stone Age theme. These include battling between other players, our ‘barbeque party’ feature, and other tribal elements that players can enjoy as they play. 

Q7. How do you think StoneAge World will be attractive to players who are not familiar with StoneAge IP? 

New players will definitely enjoy the colorful and lighthearted take on prehistoric times, including the overall design and number of dinosaurs and prehistoric animals available in the game, along with a fun-filled adventure throughout Tectonica that is full of humorous characters, engaging quests that introduces you to our take on prehistoric society, and other whimsical elements found in our game.

 Enthusiast players can also look forward to a 5v5 turn-based battle using pet that has yet to be seen on other mobile MMORPGs, which offers strategic depth in how players organize their party and skillset. In addition to training your collection of dinosaurs throughout play with equipment and enhancement items, trainers can ride on pets and there are over 250 different unique pets to collect ranging the gamut from tall and powerful dinosaurs to more domesticated creatures like Pigs among others. 

Q8. How does StoneAge World differ from other casual MMORPG that are out there in the global market? 

StoneAge World offers strategic turn-based battle and MMO elements at the same time, with unique graphic characteristics. Its graphic style differs from typical casual graphic MMORPG that mainly focus on real picture type graphic style. Also, players can incubate and capture the pet (dinosaur) of one’s choice and collect and grow your own. It also has personalized content based on the interaction elements between various players. 

Q9. What are some social contents that players could enjoy? 

StoneAge World offers various social content that allow interactive play with other players. 

  1. Hide and Seek” Among the various fun activities you can do while living the Stone Age Life, “Hide and Seek” is a unique and fun social game mode that lets players turn into objects or various NPC’s to hide in the field.
  2. Pentas Dance:  You can grab your friends and follow Pentas with a dance and get XP while you are at it. 
  3. Defeating the Placobi: Players can take members of each Tribe (guild) and stop the Placobi Attack. Players must bring down the invading Kingcobi’s HP by throwing stones at it and throwing barbecue at it to lower its energy. 
  4. Marriage: Players can find yourself a crush while living in the Stone Age life. You can give gifts, increase your likeability and propose. Finally, you can get married in Marinus Village.  

Q10. What other gameplay modes are available to players as they complete the story?

After the main story is complete there is still lots to be done in Tectonika. Players can defend against a Placobi Attack in a raid battle to earn a rare totem.  Or how about moving farther into “Margu’s Labyrinth discovering treasure containing material to strengthen their pet skills.  If more pacifist players can participate in “Egg transportation” and use the Manmo Bus to make additional deliveries.

Trainers and pets who have grown through the main quests will be able to know the strength of their skills by fighting in real time with other players through the duel. Also, if a giant pet raids the village, players will need to join forces with several players to defeat them. As such, there are various content available for competition and cooperation. 

Q11. How does Netmarble plan to update the game? 

We plan to update the game by adding quests and dungeons based on the storyline of StoneAge World, and content to compete among the tribes. Please wait as new pets will also be added. We plan to issue updates and will share once they are ready to be enjoyed by our player base. 

Beyond that, we’ll be paying close attention to our community for any bugs, and fixes that need to be made as they enjoy their experience in StoneAge World.

Q12. Will there be in-game premium currency? Will this be a pay-to-play/pay-to-win experience?

We’re focused on maximizing the adventure and fun players will have as they play, not just those who choose to purchase premium currency. As such, this will not be a pay-to-play or pay-to-win game as strategy in choosing the best skills and pets are key to completing some of the higher level content available in the game. 

Q13.  Do you see this game as a potential competitor for Lineage 2: Revolution, or Blade&Soul Revolution?

We have no reason to believe StoneAge World will be impacted by Lineage 2: Revolution or Blade&Soul Revolution. Lineage 2: Revolution was globally launched in November 2017 and is still quite successful, while Blade&Soul Revolution is only available in Korea and Asia. Both games are geared towards enthusiast MMO players interested in more of a high fantasy experience, while StoneAge World is billed more as a light-hearted adventure experience veiled in an MMO structure. 

Q14. Are there any memorable moments when developing this game? 

We had endless discussion on how to make the game more fun and entertaining to players of the past present and future. Since this game is based on the original PC game, we focused on the system and structure of the quests. We also tried to satisfy players by reviving the original fun, rather than creating new content.  All of our efforts have been put on the battle, catch and growth system of StoneAge World. We truly hope that players enjoy the game.  

Q15. Last but not least, do you have a message for players?

We are thrilled to see StoneAge World launching globally, as it serves as a fantastic introduction to the StoneAge IP that is enjoyed across the world, especially in Korea and Asia. The game is perfect for those seeking a light-hearted mobile RPG, those that have an affinity for dinosaurs and the prehistoric era, and for completionists eager to catch, tame, and train a variety of monsters.