NetEase’s Newest Survival Game, Lost Light, Begins Soft Launch in Oceania

Following the closed-beta earlier this year, NetEase Games has announced the new soft launch for Lost Light on Android exclusively in Oceania region.

The launch is expected to be expanded to the other regions by the end of this month.

You can find the information shared on TapTap here:

Lost Light is a Survival, Progression, and Competition mobile game developed by Netease Games.

In Lost Light, players will take on the role of a member of the Firefly Squad, surviving in the Exclusion Zone where order has broken down and is dangerous, while finding out the secrets and conspiracies hidden in the back. Players will go into battle fully armed, sweeping up enemies for resources and working with others to gather supplies to survive and face more challenges in the Exclusion Zone.

The world of Lost Light features a wide variety of guns, which are recreated 1:1 in the game based on actual guns. In addition, the game’s guns have 12 parts that can be modified by the player, and more than 100 types of modified parts are available so that the player can customize the most suitable gun according to their own ideas.

There are many ways to play together in the game. In the battlefield, players can save a fallen stranger, temporarily ally with him, and try to escape from the blockade. Conversely, players can also send out distress signals when they are down, transmitting their coordinates to those around them and getting help from others in return for supplies.

In addition, players can use the supplies they collect on the battlefield to transform the ruins of the Underground Railroad into a survival shelter, where they can trade goods and share information with others. In addition to fighting, you can also survive in the world by doing business.


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