NEOWIZ Has Officially Launched IDLE Death Knight on Mobile

Neowiz has announced that a new idle RPG, IDLE Death Knight, is now available on Google Play and App Store.

You may find the information shared on App Store as follows:

▣ The greatest idle RPG

– No need clickers here! Only non-clickers are welcome~

– The easiest idle RPG game is coming!

Progress infinitely with the system that auto-farms and auto-loots even when the game is turned off! AFK is the best way to play this game!

– Think ‘DK’ when you think of IDLE!

– Taptap! Be ready for an AFK adventure!

– Non-clicker is welcome! Lead your skeleton monsters now!

– Come join in on the fun with Best AFK mobile RPG game ‘IDLE Death Knight!’

▣ The Death Knight’s limitless, quick, and easy progression

– Death Knights are born in dungeon and Born to fight in Dungeon!

– Death Knight can be a hero to all!

– No more resurrections! Just limitless progression ahead!

– Non-Clicker is welcome! No tapping needed. Automatic criticals and powerful strikes! JUST AFK!

– The Death Knight’s progress is infinite! No boring level caps!

Just AFK! Only 60 seconds needed to level up and upgrade artifacts!

– Auto-farm in dungeons for an endless flow of item rewards! The game that keeps on giving!

Are you Ready to fight in dungeon?! Your greatest adventure will begin now!

▣ The chronicles of the Death Knight’s conquest of the monster realm!

– Taptap! Sick and tired of heroes and mercenaries?

Become the greatest Death Knight of the evil realm. The greatest adventure awaits!

– Limitless content such as the non-secret Cow Level and so much more

– No paying to win! The idle RPG with tons of rewards and events

– A Collection RPG with over 1,000 dungeons to explore with no limits on farming

– Various skills, quests, and artifacts for your Death Knight’s limitless growth

– Monsters are waiting for Death Knight Heroes. It’ your chance to defeat them all!

▣ The Collection RPG with infinite farming to whet your appetite for collecting

– Become a knight with full of adventure! Become the grim reaper!

Customize your Death Knight with tons of costumes to choose from!

Every Death Knight is unique! Create your own build!

– The Collection RPG with hundreds of pieces of equipment, artifacts, and skills to choose from!

– Over 30 types of weapons with buffs just for owning them!

– Better than warriors and knights! The swag of the skeletal warrior, Death Knight!

– Taptap! Attention Please, let’s start and make a journey with full of adventure