Mega Man X DiVE is Now Available for iOS and Android

CAPCOM’s latest mobile game, Mega Man X DiVE, will be available today on Mar. 24 (UTC+8). Besides X, Zero, Vile and Alia who had been revealed before during CBT, the popular characters such as Black Zero, First Armor X and Cinnamon from command mission will also make their debut today as well.

To celebrate the game officially launched, not only those who ever participated the pre-registration event will get “Alia” but also CAPCOM will bring players a lot of server opening events!

Black Zero, First Armor X and Cinnamon Make Their Debut!

In addition to those 7 characters, X, Zero, Alia, Vile, Marino, Axl and Pallette had appeared during Closed Beta Test before, there will be another 4 brand-new characters released today. First, no doubt it will be “Black Zero”.

Although Zero is quite handsome originally, he looks much cooler when he is with black appearance. His new skill “Raikousen” is like the advanced version of “Ryuuenjin”. Enemies will get immobile once being attacked by him along the path.

Next, you must have ever heard “First Armor X” before. Though there were another armor with more powerful functions in Mega Man X series, the first armor still has it stand in fans heart.

The First Armor makes X stronger and so does his skills such as Charge Shot with area damage and “Spiral Blast Shot” which can run through and destroy the enemies in the front.

The third one is “Cinnamon” from “Command Mission”. With nurse-like appearance, her skill “Angel Aura” can make all friendly units within range acquiring damage and def enhanced.

The last one is gonna be Cinnamon who is also from “Command Mission”. Like his rough  outward, he also has a powerful skill “Berserker Charge” which can shoot a huge beam forward and inflict damage to targets within range.

Weekly Lucky Draw for Celebrating Officially Launched!

To celebrate Mega Man X DiVE officially launched, all players will be able to get a large amount of rewards once they log into the game. What’s more, as long as players create the account and reach the specific goal before Apr. 13 23:59 (UTC+8) will get a chance to win “ROG Phone II”! Want to bring back the best gaming phone? The earlier you join us, the more chance you got to win one!

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