MARVEL Duel First-Year Anniversary Celebration Comes with New Season and the Return of Thanos!

Hangzhou, China, July 30th, 2021 – A successful year followed the debut of MARVEL Duel, giving millions of players a new way of playing their favorite Marvel Super Heroes and Villains in the form of a fun strategy card game. Both curiosity and excitement welcome the start of a new season, marking the start of another year for the breathtaking game. In addition, the developers are bringing back a rare and powerful fan-favorite card to reward their eager players for their love and support for the game: the Mad Titan himself, Thanos!

The July 29th update for MARVEL Duel will feature an all-new season titled “The Warriors of the Sky.” The new season will add over 10 new powerful cards for players to wield that revolve around the group of Asian Super Heroes War Tiger, Sun Bird, Blue Dragon, and Shadow Shell. In addition, Players who log in for the new season start will be able to claim an exclusive first-year anniversary Card Back and Avatar Frame.

MARVEL Duel has been available in the Southeast Asian territories of Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines for an entire year. In its inaugural year, the game released over 350 cards and ten Super Heroes, evolving its extensiveness and complexity at an ever-increasing speed. Players can collect Super Hero cards inspired by decades of Marvel comics as well as the MCU, customize their decks to suit their play style, and start their battle anytime, anywhere.

To celebrate the first-year anniversary, MARVEL Duel is hosting a series of events, including returning Thanos to the store. Additionally, Players can vote for their favorite Super Hero or Villain on Facebook to discount that character in the in-game shop. Don’t miss out


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