LifeAfter Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration, Tons of Activities and Exciting Infected Hunt Gameplay Launched

GUANGZHOU, CHINA, September 21st, 2021 – LifeAfter, the Open World Doomsday Survival Game developed by NetEase Games, is releasing its Mid-Autumn Festival theme activities and items from September 16 to September 29, 2021, offering a chance for Survivors to get into the holiday spirit even in the post-apocalyptic world.

At the same time of the celebration, the Doomsday World is getting even more dangerous! New event—Infected Hunt—is going live: the new type of Infected will get stronger as time progresses and the number of players defeated mounts, presenting bigger challenges for players.

LifeAfter is an Open World Doomsday Survival Game which has 200 million registered players worldwide since its launch in 2018. Players are facing scarce resources, harsh weather, and dangerous wild lives, and from scratch collect resources, build houses, make tools and weapons, and fight alongside with teammates to make and defend a home in a post-apocalyptic world.

Mid-Autumn theme activities and special outfits and items all available
With the arrival of the traditional Chinese festival Mid-Autumn, special outfits and items, and theme activities are all coming in, allowing players to feel the warmth and joy of the festival even in the Doomsday World.

Bunny & Osmanthus, gorgeous outfit made for you
Mid-Autumn Festival limited outfit Bunny & Osmanthus is now available! Designed in a red and turquoise color scheme, the top of Bunny & Osmanthus for male characters has a large lapel coat with silky drapery, a cute rabbit-eared round hat, and a decoration on the shoulder of a little bunny eating mooncakes. For female characters, Bunny & Osmanthus has a shoulderless red flowery cheongsam top, translucent balloon off-shoulder sleeves, and a turquoise knee length pleated skirt with Chinese style accessory on the waist, demure and dainty. Players who want to get in the Mid-Autumn spirit must try them on!

Jade Rabbit’s Night Cruise, limited styled furniture released
The Mid-Autumn Festival styled furniture Jade Rabbit’s Night Cruise is released as well. With the ethereal Moon Palace as the theme style, players can use the Moon Palace Clouds Wallpaper, Ceiling, Door, Floor Tiles to add a festive atmosphere to the manor. Or, they can choose to decorate with Chilled Serene Lamp, Osmanthus Tea Table, Prayer Paper Lamp, and Osmanthus Chair. And you can’t miss the jade bunnies—the Herb-picking Bunny, the Herb-pounding Bunny and the Herb-delivering Bunny!

The most attracted of all has to be the Jade Rabbit’s Night Cruise. With the help of the furniture Moonlight River, players can build a river and row a boat in their manor. Architects of Doomsday World, build the stylish manor with your wildest creativity!

September nights, limited vehicle Scorpio – Moonlight Beauty debut
New vehicle Scorpio – Moonlight Beauty with special moon streamline will debut during Mid-Autumn Festival! The crescent shape purple and blue heavy motorcycle, boasting its nitrogen floating and electric powered abilities, is shining like the Scorpio. With it, players can enjoy the floating experience and chase down the bright moon in the Doomsday World!

Full-Moon Mid-Autumn Event, make your own mooncakes
Special Event Full-Moon Mid-Autumn allows players to get ingredients and make mooncakes with usual activities such as gathering, fighting and fishing. Eating different kinds of mooncakes can grant you with different skill effects. You can also give them to friends as gift to increase Favorability up to 10 mooncakes per day. Do you have the friends you want to give mooncakes to in mind?

New gameplay Infected Hunt goes live

Doomsday crisis escalates
As we’re celebrating the festival, the new gameplay Infected Hunt will also go live with the Mid-Autumn Festival version, where players will face a new type of Infected that has the ability to grow stronger over time. A new Rank system will be introduced to the new Infected, allowing them to upgrade as time progresses and the number of players killed increases. The stakes have never been higher! As they become more powerful, players will face a bigger challenge and have better loot after defeating them.

If you failed to defeat a powerful Infected, you can place a bounty on the monster and invite friends to get your revenge. Players can view the Rank, experience points, defeat number, and entourage number of the monster, and then decide whether to take on the quest after weighing their strength. Each player can claim and complete 3 bounty quests per day. Come and kill all the new Infected raging across the Doomsday World!

The full moon rises, and the Doomsday World is filled with the festive atmosphere of Mid-Autumn Festival. Players who want limited outfit, furniture and vehicles must not miss this event. But don’t let your guard down, for there are more dangerous doomsday crises awaiting all the time!


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