KOONGYA Draw Party’s Producer Special Interview

Now that KOONGYA Draw Party, the new game from Netmarble, is out globally. It is not surprising that the game will be popular as it ranks in 3rd place of Top Trivia Games Chart due to how the game is simple yet it is so addicted.

Netmarble has recently revealed a new interview from Mr. Jeong Eonsan, a producer who was behind this project, too. We can see more interesting detail and what has happened during development down here!

  • Please give us a brief introduction of the game.

Kungya Draw Party is a mobile reinterpretation of Netmarble’s representative game title, ‘Catch Mind’, which was released in Korea in 2002 and has been loved by about 6 million people for almost two decades.

Based on a simple rule, a player draws a picture based on a specified word (suggested word) and others answer it correctly. Since we launched this game in Korea, there have been simple drawings of words as they were, but on the contrary, a lot of witty pictures of language play have been created.

KOONGYA Draw Party provides ‘Stage Mode’ to make it easier for players to access and get used to the game, ‘Adventure Mode’ where players can play drawing quizzes with people around, based on location, and ‘Party Mode’ that multiple players can enjoy together in real time.

  • Why do you choose to use KOONGYA to develop this game? Could you give us a bit more information about KOONGYA?

KOONGYA is Netmarble’s flagship IP. In this game, KOONGYA plays the role of a spirit for communications between people. KOONGYA gives default quizzes that Netmarble set for players, as well as introduce players’ drawing quizzes that have good ratings among other players.

Each KOONGYA has its own color, and by acquiring them, the number of colors that can be used when drawing is increased. Players can also place KOONGYA in a space called a ‘Playground’ to get useful items for the game.

  • KOONGYA Draw Party is adapted from the PC game Catch mind. How do you implant the online version into a mobile game?

We thought that the basic game features of Catch Mind, drawing and solve a would be more fun in the mobile environment. Mobile device provides the environment that anyone can draw a picture through the touch screen, and easily play the game at anytime and anywhere without the limitation of time and space.

Smartphones can always be carried around, so players can find and solve quizzes from other players around them on the go or vice versa.

We’ve focused our development to take this full advantage of mobile device to make it easier and more fun for players.

  • The riddle in the game is quite versatile and is very distinct from other quiz games. Can you share the process of design and develop the game?

The language contains a unique culture of each country. Since the beginning of development, we have made a lot of efforts to create suggested word and quizzes that can be acceptable in the local markets for this reason.

We also did our best to create humorous and witty quizzes because simply drawing well couldn’t deliver enough of our intended pleasure to our players. We hope you enjoy our drawing quizzes.

  • As for future updates, besides adding more quizzes in the main stage mode. Are you planning on adding more gameplay content?

We will be introducing a variety of content sequentially, including a gallery that displays humorous and witty drawings of players, additional quiz modes for both single and multiplayers, and survival mode.

  • KOONGYA Draw Party includes various social elements, including party mode, which can play with other players. Can you talk about this feature, and the story behind this design as well?

In Party Mode, eight players can play together in real time. Players can participate in two different ways: quizzes in turn, or quizzes by players with correct answers. We expect that this mode will create a lot of interesting pictures and stories because players have to draw witty pictures within a short time limit.

Premium Quiz Room is a mode where up to 100 players can participate and take quizzes in real time. Hosts can run quiz rooms by voice like livestream, and they also can quiz their own or recruit players to quiz. In addition, there’s a rewarding feature for those who match quizzes to give players even more fun.

In Adventure mode, players can evaluate other players’ drawing quizzes and display well-rated pictures through the social menu. Drawing quiz, which is highly recommended in the social menu, is selected as the Best Quiz, and pictures with the highest score among the Best Quiz are selected as the best honorary KOONGYA Quiz and is open to all server players.

In addition, players who are following each other can enjoy 1:1 quiz play, so most of the interactions that can be done through the medium of drawing quiz in the game are possible.

During the development process, we analyzed many social services to create a system that is simple and function properly for this game.

  • In the game, KOONGYA can go to the playground to find items. There’s also an AI system that generates boosters belonging to different KOONGYA driven by Machine Learning of object recognition technology. Can you talk about this feature, and the story behind this design as well?

The playground is designed as a space for KOONGYA to relax and play. We decided to focus on providing buffs that helps the game rather than simply decorating the space, so KOONGYA find useful items for game play on the playground.

The space decorating function is simple by taking or placing picture on the Playground. Here’s more fun factor: if a player places something KOONGYA likes on the playground, they’ll be more likely to find the item or find it faster.

We have utilized the latest technology called object recognition for this feature, so players can have more fun of finding out KOONGYA’s favorite things. The game also features lines and stories that tell you about what KOONGYA likes.

Through this, we intended to give players the feeling of KOONGYA living together in their space of daily life.

  • Are you considering collaborating with other IPs in the future?

We are also preparing a collaboration with other IPs, and I think we can link products and brands that we can encounter in our daily lives.

In particular, because the game is based on device location, it is also possible to consider some features such as an event occurring at a specific location.

  • As a light-user based game, how do you design the in-game purchase feature?

The main items are the pencils for playing game, the colors that can be used for drawing, the costumes to decorate KOONGYA, and some other decorations for the speech bubbles of chat or player’s profile page.

  • Do you have any suggestions for players who aren’t good at drawing?

KOONGYA Draw Party is a fun game for both those who like to draw and those who like to solve a quiz. Players can enjoy the game and acquire KOONGYA by solving drawing quizzes through the main stages. They can also try other drawing quizzes created by other players around them, or the quizzes recommended through social features.

  • Are there any memorable moments when developing this game?

KOONGYA Draw Party is a game that made us experience the most enjoyable development. All of us have a lot of LMAO memories during we play our own party play or even at an idea meeting to create a stage mode quiz.

We are already excited to share this fun with our players.

  • This game was a hit when it launched in Korea. Did you receive any interesting feedback that you would like to share with our players?

After the game was released, many people enjoyed it quickly. There were some people who were emotionally healed while playing this game in their busy lives, and many of them said that this is the game of their lives. It was very rewarding for us.

  • Last but not least, do you have a message for players?

First of all, we are excited about the global launch. but at the same time, we are also worried that if the various enjoyments of the game we have prepared will be acceptable to our players. Through constant updates and communication with players, I want to make the game loved for a long time.

We ask for your excitement and interest, and hope KOONGYA Draw Party to a delightful break in the daily lives of many players.