Go Find Goodies, Foodies! Magic Arena : Momotaro is now featured on Google Play!

《Magic Arena : Momotaro》is recommended by Google Play! Follow the show Host Momotaro on his journey to find hot spring and delicious food!

● Furry Tour and Spring Break!
Momotaro grown sick of the Devils, he now has his own TV Show!? The Chicken, Monkey and Doggy set feet on the search of the legendary Rice Dumpling!

● Completely Reverse your imagination!!
Meet Show Host Momotaro, O.G Snow White, and Rich Daddy Aladdin, they will aid you on your path to the Eat together Heaven!

● Costume change for the unique game play
All chest are customizable, change them into Mushroom and Wood! Simply flip over the chests with same color to summon characters and pets to attack! Unleash ultimate abilities to crash them!

It’s time to enjoy a hot summer! Use the flipping Magic to find the legendary hot spring and rice dumpling! Make a great show in《Magic Arena: Momotaro》!

Magic Arena: Momotaro is now available on Google Play here.