First Look at Mega Man X DiVE Multiplayer Gameplay

Capcom has revealed that Mega Man X DiVE will feature a cooperative multiplayer game mode called CO-OP Mode which can be unlocked during the game progression.

Here’s the information shared on press release:

Co-op Mode will be unlocked when the character reaches specific level. In this mode, you can choose the character you like first, and then invite one of your friends or any player from all over the world to join the adventure. Bosses will be much stronger in “Co-op Mode” than those in general stages, therefore the team cooperation is very critical in this mode!

Also, the close beta test recruiting event is still in the open for everyone. However, due to time zone differences, the testing time period will be expanded to all-day which means players will be able to join at anytime!

Mega Man X DiVE will be globally launched later this year on iOS and Android. The game will feature the characters and bosses appeared in the past games! More info on Global Close Beta Registration, please click.