Endless Arena Has Started Pre-registration on Mobile

Following the initial release in some countries earlier in October, ekkorr has announced that Endless Arena, a new real-time battle game, is open for pre-registration, expecting to release by December 16th, 2020.

Endless Arena will allow players to make a team of heroes who have different attributes. There will be 3v3 battle, Dungeon Mode and Maze Mode for players to enjoy.

You can find the description shared on App Store as follows:

– Real Time Battle!

Choose the Best Strategy in real time.

Lead your Team to Victory with Accurate Judgment

– Aim for a Reversal with a Skill that fits the Situation!

Choose the Hero’s Skill yourself.

Choose a more efficient Skill at the moment.

– Higher Grade! Higher Level!

If you collect two identical Items, the Item Level increases.

Combine 5 Grades of items to defeat the enemy.

– Various Set Effects!

Collect items with 8 Tribe Effects and 8 types of Material Effects.

More Items Collected, Stronger the Effects. Collect the Sets to strengthen your Hero.

– I want it! Wish Item

Select a Wish Item to appeal your Teammates.

Other Teammates may sell the Wish Item to you.

– Dungeon that changes every day.

It’s not all about fighting each other!

Cooperate with other users to Clear the Difficult Dungeon!

3 kinds of Dungeons appear in Rotation.