DeLight: The Journey Home is Coming to Mobile on November 19th

Wexplore Games has open pre-registration for DeLight: The Journey Home, a new narrative adventure game where player will take a role of the blind child with a companion dog.

Sammy, the girl, will need to find her parents and solves many puzzle during her journey. Throughout the game, there will be numbers of decisions you can make that will shape how the story will turn out to be.

Here’s the description shared on App Store:

In this pitch-back world, you have lit an eternal light within my heart…

Story of Sammy, a girl blinded in war, and her journey to find her lost parents.

Play as Sammy and step into a perilous journey into the unknown, with the help of her seeing-eye dog Deli… Every decision you make will influence her fate…


△Feel and experience the world of the blind

△Heartwarming story + puzzle-solving adventures

△Work together with your seeing-eye dog to solve puzzles

△Immersive experience: Storyline featuring quick-time events

△Multiple potential story outcomes, choose your character’s destiny