Combat Kings is Now Out on Google Play

Previously available as SUPLEX beta, Super God Ltd has announced that Combat Kings is now available on Google Play.

Combat Kings is a side-scrolling action featuring two heroes fighting against the robotic army that is taking over the city.

The first hero will be using guns while the other one focuses more on wrestling. Players will also be able to upgrade and unlock more skills, too.

You may find the description of this game shared on store page here:

Rogue robots are taking over the city. It’s mayhem! But for robot hunters it’s open season.

Take control of the finest hunters in the business and battle it out with the robot army. Turn these killing machines back into precious metals and make a profit!

✦ Three unique playable characters
✦ Full campaign mode
✦ In-depth tutorials
✦ Mini-games
✦ Global leaderboards
…and more.

Aimed at fans of fighting games and classic beat ’em ups, Combat Kings will challenge your skills with its unrelenting but fair difficulty. Learn the many mechanics of the deep battle system and become a grandmaster robot hunter!