Cat’s Life – Idle Kitty Collector is Now Available on Google Play

Potato Play has announced that Cat’s Life: With You – Idle Kitty Collector is now available on Google Play.

In this game, players will need to build and decorate a cat cafe from the ground up. The kittens are also needed to be taken care of in order to make them happy when working in the cafe. There are also many locations and items to be unlocked in-game.

You can find the detail shared on Google Play:

Welcome to the Cat paradise where cute cats run the show!

Build your sanctuary with appealing decorations and attract more kitty patrons to the paradise. Research awesome receipes to keep them fed and happy to earn more income. Unlock new areas and facilities as you progress to attract even more patrons.

Become friends with your cute kitty patrons and adopt them in your paradise. Play with them and take care of their every needs in this beautiful home you have built for them!

• Attract and adopt tons of unique cute cats
• Earn cool decorations and unique recipes
• Play fun mini-games such as fishing to earn more
• Expand to new areas with unique decorations and facilities
• Unlock your cats’ favourite toys and bond with them
• Special event lets you earn more attractive prizes
• Rank in the leaderboards