Capcom Taiwan Announces ‘Rockman X DiVE’ for Mobile

Capcom Taiwan has surpisingly announces the newest entry for Rockman X on mobile, Rockman X DiVE.

Here’s the first detail about the story shared on the official site:

“Deep Log” The digital world where “Rockman X* Series Game” was stored. Also the memory of “You” as a player….

“Deep Log” appears abnormal for unknown reasons All stages, Maverics ,all the characters from “Rockman X Series” are all mixed up because of game errors.

Come! Players Get into the Deep Log Beat the Maverics and get the game data repaired.

From the announcement trailer, we can see that the game will be in 3D and features the same side-scrolling action platformer gameplay as the recent titles like Rockman X7 or X8.

Rockman X DiVE will be available on smart devices soon! We will try to keep up with the information, stay tuned!

Note: *Rockman X series has been renamed to Megaman X in the localized version.