Bvengers Has Got English Localization, Now Released on Mobile

Following the release in Korea a few weeks ago, Dragonfly and Studio W.Baba is has finally launched Bvengers with English localization on mobile today.

You can see the information shared on Google Play as follows:

During a friendly survival game, an unknown wave locked the B-Family inside a Claw machine!! To escape this madness they must become the last survivor before the claw comes down..!! Let’s see who’s gonna take victory.

▶Quirky B-Game! Adorable Characters are a Plus!!◀
• You’ll become addicted to B-Family’s ridiculous and unexpected situations!
• No matter the age, everyone will want to collect adorable B-Family characters and their costumes!

▶B-Family meets the best original FPS ‘Special Force’◀
• Various weapons, enormous maps, and the class system are sick..!!
• Special Force’s back view and auto fire option are optimized for mobile game-play!
• Use never before seen unique character skills to enhance your performance!