Billion Lords’ Sequel, Dungeon Break, is Now Available on Google Play!

Auer has recently announced that Billion Lords‘ sequel, Dungeon Break, is now available for download on Google Play and pre-order on iOS App Store starting from today!

You can find the overview via its press release below:

Dungeon Break is the sequel of multi-award nominee and winner Billion Lords. Its unique minions and generals in the dungeon are now on work strike! Lead them to the paradise of job benefit! Starting from July 5 on Google Play!

● 《Dungeon Break》 Minions must be free!
The Overlord has defeated all intruders (those brave but idiot souls). Now he’s all about cost down. All unnecessary personnel are dismissed; this means more patrol hours, less pay.

They need you! Protectors of working benefit, you must guide them through the well-guarded dungeons and mazes, defeat their former colleagues! Freedom is ahead!

● Blitzing and Cultivating Minions
Dash, move, locate and shoot! Concentrate in dodging magic bullets and traps, try to use the environment to protect the minions and turn the tide, you must face 1,000,000 with 1!

Air supplies are available during the escape, gain Laser gun, boost boots, and even magic spells! Survive the cruelty of low class working!

Interested players can now download the Early Access version of Dungeon Break from Google Play Store and pre-order on App Store! (Currently available in the U.S. territory only)