Battle Tank 2 is Available on Android

Springcomes has launched a new 3v3 real-time action game, Battle Tank 2.

Players will need to collect tanks and upgrade them to fight against other players in a fast-paced match.

You can find the detail shared on Google Play here:

Real-time multiplayer 3vs3 tank battle “Battle Tank 2

Collect and upgrade tanks with various special abilities through battles.
Fight against users from all over the world and aim for the world’s best team to win the battle.

  • 3vs3 real-time multiplayer online play
  • Quick game start and quick battle
  • Simple and addictive action play
  • Collect and level up various tanks with unique abilities
  • The battle begins right after the game starts.
  • Avoid attacks from opposing tanks and destroy them.
  • Destroy the opponent’s Main Base to win the game.
  • Even if your tank is destroyed, you can fight again after 5 seconds.
  • Take advantage of items found throughout the battlefield.

Battle Tank 2 is completely free to play.