Area F2 Public Beta Releases Today!

HONG KONG – Area F2, the first Close-Quarters Battle (CQB) shooting game for mobile devices, is releasing Public Beta today. Available in regions including Thailand, Indonesia, Russia, and Brazil, among others, the program allows players to try the game before its global launch later in the year. The CQB game design enables players to adopt innovative approaches to attack, as roofs and walls can be reinforced or destroyed.

Area F2 has received a rating of 4.8/5 on Facebook in pre-release trials available through Google Play. Area F2 brings a new style to shooting games on mobile devices. In a narrow but multi-dimensional scene, players can use Special Forces fighting with their squad. There is no need to loot or buy weapons, the agents have exclusive abilities just like the Heroes in the MOBA game. However, the key to victory is more than gunplay; tactics are the best weapon in Area F2. Players should use UAVs to gather enemies’ information and make flexible tactics and breach the scenes to open new lines of the bullets. The battle shooting game is set to revolutionize the “many enter, only one survives” shooter gameplay mode best represented by Battle Royal Game.

“A smaller area means more fighting, sooner, and shorter, more intense matches,” said Hayashii, a highly acclaimed gaming influencer on YouTube. “There’s absolutely something to be said for collecting information with the dashing gears in the game and attacking the enemies out of blue.”

In Area F2, players can choose from 20+ elite agents based on real-life special forces. Using unique gadgets, players are allowed to lay down suppressing fire with a machine gun, destroy walls with explosive crossbow bolts, or even set trip mines at potential entry points. Leveraging spy gear like drones and monitors, players can also find targets and jam the enemy signal to prevent detection.

“You will feel as if you are on the front lines,” said Andy Wong, the Publishing Producer of Area F2 for Area F2 Dev. “That is our intent with this revolutionary mobile game.” Featuring real-time visual effects that are similar to the real world, the game provides players with a visceral experience that rivals real footage of actual combat.  

The game brings the ancient fighting arts of close quarters combat to life. In the military and law enforcement, CQB refers to tactics that span a variety of different techniques and in the game it connotes the use of weapons, ammunition and armor in close fighting situations. In practical terms, CQB takes place between a ranges of 30 meters to hand-to-hand combat.

The game’s multi-dimensional attacking paths are designed to give players alternatives to standard entrances such as doors and windows, which are the norm in traditional shooting games. Some roofs and walls can be reinforced or destroyed. This challenges players’ skills and tactics, as every wall may become a potential entry point. By breaking the floor or wall with battering rams, grenades, explosive, and bullets, the players can launch a raid towards combatants who are in another closed area. They can also climb walls with the assistance of anchor Hook guns, implementing strategies with creative freedom.