A New Roguelike Action, Dark Lord, is Now Having a CBT on TapTap

Ao Ren Game has announced the unlimited close beta phase for Dark Lord, a new hardcore roguelike action. Interested players can now go test it out on Android via TapTap.

Here’s the information shared on TapTap:

This is a Roguelike action game that features hardcore combat and item collection. Experience the game full of unknowns in every single adventure.

Game Features
– Hardcore combat style, the battle with the enemy is not just damage, but the control interaction of the back and forth.
– Massive combinations of items, weapons, equipment, side-weapons, and trophies form different game combat experiences.
– Challenging mode to test your skills. The loss of item combinations will make the battle more dangerous and test your skills.
– A solid sense of impact, action, sound effects, special effects, jitter, pause and other all-round coordination performance, to experience the thrill of the knife into the bone.
– The rich experience-oriented development line emphasizes more on the fulfillment of collection and technical growth than the exhausting and empty development of numerical games.
– Challenging hidden elements, powerful hidden bosses, hidden in the depths of the game, waiting for those who are ready to challenge!