Xross Chronicle Tips for Starters

Xross Chronicle, launched recently this February by LINE Games, is a new mobile RPG where players can discover and collect over 100 characters inspired from folklores and mythologies of the East and West.

Based on the developer’s previous title Phantom Chaser (Yokai Saga), released in 2017, it shares the tale of the Human-Yokai War caused by Dimension Rift and the conflict between two worlds.

But Xross Chronicle takes a step beyond its predecessor, with a revamped character growth system, more sophisticated scenario, and enhanced graphics. For those of you diving into the world of Xross Chronicle, we introduce a few tips to get you started.

Understanding the character system

Attributes and roles

There are three different attributes: Power, Agility, and Intelligence. Characters are assigned with one main attribute, and a character’s overall power is affected by the growth of the main attribute’s stat points.

Besides attributes, each Human and Yokai is assigned with one of the four roles: Attack, Defense, Support, and Crowd Control (CC).

The first two types are relatively straightforward, specializing in skills of giving greater damage to the enemy and defending against incoming attacks. Supporting characters are mainly healers and buffers, while CC roles specialize in debuffing skills that weaken the enemy. 

‘Joy’s Gift’: Select the character you want

Beginners will get their first characters through ‘Joy’s Gift’, which lets players re-draw as much as they like until you get the character of their choice. 

Through Joy’s Gift you can start off with Xross Chronicle’s most popular characters like Overlord and Phoenix. Characters like Julian, Moohu, and Gumiho are also on our recommendation list.

In Xross Chronicle, every character has its own advantages and attractions, and the game’s biggest fun lies in finding various synergies between characters’ skills and coming up with a winning strategy making the best out of them.

How to assemble and manage a winning team

In Xross Chronicle, considering the ‘synergies’ between characters is the key to building a good team due to its unique combat system, ‘Fusion’ that confers a character’s skill to another.

Experiment with various combinations

When a Hunter fuses with a Yokai, it borrows the Yokai’s skills and a part of its stat points; this stat boost includes points from the Yokai’s equipment, which will be added up according to the character’s Fusion Rate.

So to make fusion even more effective, reinforce the Fusion Rate, which starts from the base 50%. The rate will increase by 1% each time you reinforce, and will go up to a maximum of 100%.

A fused Hunter can wield not only the Yokai’s active skills but also its passive skills as well. And when these are combined with the Hunter’s inherent skill set, you can expect various chain effects ranging from greater DPS, faster skill cooldown to debuffing and immobilizing the enemy. Thus the battle – in terms of both strategy and visual effects – changes dramatically depending on the combination of characters.

Cross Training   

While Hunters and Yokais can only be placed in their respective slots, they can switch places through ‘Cross Training’. Since the character can be placed in either the Yokai or Human group, this leads to a wider choice of strategy and customization. 

Upgrade characters  

Besides Reinforcing Fusion Rate and Cross Training, don’t forget to power up characters’ pure stats as well. There are mainly three ways for strengthening characters: Leveling up (Reinforce), extending Max level cap (Breakthrough) and increasing the character’s star rank (Evolve). 

And on March 5, a new way to power up characters has been updated. At the newly added ‘Potential Reinforcement’ menu, you can increase the character’s Power, Agility, and Intelligence stats upon successful reinforcement.

Equipment-wise, gather the items from Story chapters and at the Exchange, where you can swap crafting materials picked up from Battlefields for high-tier gears. Note that a ‘set’ of weapon and armor of the same series gives bonus effects that boost a character’s ability. 

Clear up to stage 9-21 to unlock every Battlefield

The materials needed for upgrading characters and equipment can be acquired from various Battlefield contents. Clear up to 9-21 (normal mode) to unlock Xross Chronicle’s Battlefields.  

Labyrinth of Time 

The Labyrinth of Time is where you can obtain ‘Spirit Fire’, the resource to reinforce the characters. There are three types of Labyrinths: The Labyrinth of Power, Agility, and Intelligence. As a matter of efficiency, select the Labyrinth  according to the type of the character you need to level up. The Spirit Fire of the same type as the character would give twice as much experience as other types would.

Unlock Condition: Normal [1-21] Clear


As straightforward as it sounds, you can compete with other players here. There are six ranks, moving up from Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold to Diamond and Master. Rewards include ‘Dolls’ needed for reinforcing characters’ Fusion Rate. The rank will reset on the first week of every month.

Unlock Condition: Normal [2-21] Clear

Crack of Fate

Through the Cracks you can see the shimmering light of wealth –  Crack of Fate is Xcross Chronicle’s gold mine with an extra kick: With higher Lucky Score, you can expect more Gold than you have earned. 

Unlock Condition: Normal [3-21] Clear

Cave of Sighs

This is where you can acquire items for Breakthrough. You can obtain three types of Breakthrough stones: Power, Agility, and Intelligence. Since collectible items differ by the type of dungeon, choose the Cave according to the type of the character you need to power up.

Unlock Condition: Normal [4-21] Clear

Territory of Chaos

This is where you can acquire items for the Breakthrough. The dungeon is categorized by character position types: Attack, Defense, Support and CC. 

Unlock Condition: Normal [5-10] Clear

River of Fire

Consisting of 10 dungeons in total, it is where you can obtain various items including Forge materials. Note that there is a limit to the number of characters you can use and the characters’ stamina (HP) does not regenerate for the next round. 

Unlock Condition: Normal [5-21] Clear

Evil Suppression

You can hunt gigantic monsters at this dungeon, and difficulty increases from Level 1 to Level 5. You can obtain materials and relic boxes for crafting special Equipment Set. 

Unlock Condition: Normal [8-21] Clear

Scalar Tower

At Scalar Tower, you can get a handful or rewards that will increase as you move up the floors. It is a competition content, as the players will be ranked according to the number of flowers cleared, clear time, and the number of stars obtained. Check for the missions on each floor for additional rewards. When clearing Scalar Tower, note that each character can only be used once per day and the reset time is 04:00 (UTC+9). 

Unlock Condition: Normal [9-21] Clear