The Bonfire 2 Uncharted Shores is Coming to iOS and Steam

Xigma Games has announced that The Bonfire 2 Uncharted Shores, a new survival-simulation game, is coming to iOS and Android this month.

Players can now pre-order the game via App Store or add it to the wish list on Steam starting from today.

Here’s the detail shared on Steam:

Sequel to the award-winning game The Bonfire: Forsaken Lands, The Bonfire: Uncharted Shores expands on every aspect of the original and brings greater depth.

Design your city, manage resources chains and workers with unique personalities, explore procedurally generated world map in ships, trade with free cities, and discover mysterious dungeons. Build a powerful city and gain magical artifacts to defeat an ancient evil.


A survival strategy game where you build, craft, gather resources during the day.
Place buildings and design your own city layouts.
The positioning of these buildings can be vital to manage certain resources and affects gameplay.


Defend your settlement from monsters like wolves, chupacabra, spiders, and Tribal enemies.
Different bosses for each enemy type. Random enemies are spawned each night.


A randomly generated world-map to explore with ships.
Find cities to trade with and random encounters and loot.
We have plans to expand more in the world map post-launch.

Procedural Characters

Every character unit has stats such as Strength, agility intelligence.
Every character has unique personality skills.
Managing health, energy, and hunger is key to the survival of units.

Character Progression

Character units gain XP and level up.
Craft items and equip units with better weapons and armors.