Guide to ROYAL CROWN: Tips for Starters

LINE Games’ ROYAL CROWN, launched on April 29, is a multi-platform Survival MOBA that supports cross-play between mobile devices and PC (Steam).

A beautiful fantasy battle royale with RPG elements, this game offers various competition modes including Solo and Squad Mode, where players can come up with their own winning strategies through hunting, cooking, and crafting.

For all you just starting or interested in this unique battle royale, we have prepared a few tips that will help you outline the general gameplay.

ROYAL CROWN’’s battle royale system

The game starts as you jump off from the airship and glide down to the map with WASD keys.


As you glide down to the ground, you will notice a mini map on the upper left corner of the screen, which will tell you where the various resources are located.

And this is important, since your character levels up not just by eliminating competitors and staying alive, but also by collecting resources. The more resources you have from the start, the faster you will level up. So a useful tip here would be parachuting your way down to the most lucrative landing point. The fun also lies in collecting unique landing items like glides and balloons, which you can trade with points you earn from the game. Once you land, the countdown begins.

Magnetic Field

ROYAL CROWN has a shrinking magnetic field that will force players to gather at the center of the map. So you will have to move constantly towards the center, taking down other players and hunting monsters. You will have to manage your stamina efficiently all the way through, by drinking potions or cooking food.

Hunting and gathering

Identifying what’s collectible is simple: Just click to see if they are. These resources in the field – trees, crops, minerals in the caves, etc. – can be gathered to make various equipment and upgrade items like Accessories, and Runes, which all will come in very handy in your battle.

Besides gathering, you can also collect materials by hunting animals and monsters lurking here and there in the map. Since these monsters attack back, we recommend utilizing passive skills for efficient hunting. Cooking is also very important, since the meal you cook can be consumed to fill up stamina and mana points.

And last but not least: Don’t forget to take a peek inside a house when you find one. These empty houses hide treasure chests filled with useful equipment, and such treasure hunting is one of the easiest ways to power up your character.

Three play modes: Training, Solo, Squad

There are three play modes in ROYAL CROWN: Training, Solo, and Squad. As the name suggests, you can train your combat skills as well as hunting and farming tactics in Training mode to warm yourself up and come up with a strategy before the battle. All enemies in this mode are AIs, so the difficulty level is relatively low.

In Solo mode, up to 60 players will compete to be the last man standing. Leveling up fast and making the most out of the character’s skills is the key to winning. The matching will start automatically as you choose this mode, and if you cannot find a match within 25 seconds, the system will generate AI opponents.

Squad mode is a co-op mode. Up to three players can team up, and just as RPG, forming a party considering the roles and synergies between the character’s class – Warrior, Mage, Supporter, Snipier, Assassin, Tank – is essential.


ROYAL CROWN will offer a new MOBA experience through its RPG elements.

Levelling up and farming items take a significant part in winning a match, and you will realize that the power gap between a character with a high performance equipment and a character without such cannot be ignored. You can power up by engaging in production activities like hunting, gathering, crafting, and cooking.


The battle field has very terrains like forest and pasture fields, where you can collect resources like lumber, fruits, and herbs. In a cave, you can mine crystals that will fill up your mana bar. Harvest these resources with the ‘Pickax’ icon, and craft them into useful survival items and materials for leveling up Runes, Accessories, and Attribute Cards.


Hunting animals and monsters will not only give you experience points for levelling up, but also food materials (‘Meal’) for cooking. One thing to keep in mind is that animals and monsters attack back, and especially in Squad mode, some monsters should be hunted together with team members, just like a raid.


Recovering lost stamina in ROYAL CROWN is challenging, and one of the few ways to do this is by Cooking. There are recipes using ingredients like meat, mushrooms and fruits. A recipe usually requires two ingredients to recover lost HP; But a ‘Pie’ recipe with four ingredients will refill both HP and MP.


You can craft items as you play, and these items can be forged into Runes, Accessories and Attribute Cards.

Character selection strategy

There are 6 distinct Classes referred to as ‘Champion’ in ROYAL CROWN. Before diving into a battle royale, make sure to understand attributes, pros and cons of each class.


A dealer specializing in short-range attacks, with balanced out stats.


A magician with area damage skills, but low DEF. 


Also a long-range damage dealer with low DEF stat, will be very effective when paired with Warrior and Tank class characters in Squad mode.


Boasts high Burst Damage, and just as a Sniper, has good synergy with Warriors and Tanks. Low DEF.


Has supporting skills as healers or buffers to boost team members. Supporter cannot give much damage by itself.


With high DEF, is useful in protecting the team from the enemies’ attacks. Relatively lacks ATK stat.

A character has 6 slots, each for Weapon, Helmet, Gloves, Boots, Accessory. As you progress, you can acquire these equipment to power up characters. A character with its slots full will certainly overpower a one with empty slots.

An Accessory will have supporting effects like accelerating HP recovery speed or decreasing the cool time of skills. Upgrade your Accessory to maximize these effects.

A Rune can be used to level up gears, and you can carry up to 5 Runes. Runes are dropped from supply boxes spread around the map and can also be crafted and strengthened with Mana crystals.

Set in a medieval fantasy background where magic and science coexist, ROYAL CROWN is a beautiful fantasy-themed MOBA imbued with RPG elements. Players will participate in the scenario’s grand competition to select the strongest hero of all, where they can choose to play as magicians, archers, assassins and more from the game’s roster of 15 characters that can be collected.

The game will challenge players to come up with various strategies to eliminate competitors in a battlefield with an ever-closing boundary, making the most out of the surrounding environment including monsters and resources to level up and gear up their characters.