Dawn Break -Origin- Now on Steam

Dawn Break -Origin-

Haven’t  you played 3rd APRG Dawn Break II-Light And Dark- with your keyboard? You should now!Dawn Break -Origin- is now on Steam! Any Steam player gets 1 Dawn Break –Light And Dark- Light Amulet!

  • Ultimate ARPG Experience

Fight your way into Valhalla with 3 very different characters; experience the tear-dropping epic story of the ancient Gods & Goddess.

Dawn Break -Origin-

  • Light or Dark, what is the path you choose!?

Valhalla, a world of the Gods, a war zone of Light and Dark.

Dawn Break -Origin-

Dawn Break -Origin-

The eclipse a thousand years ago, the gods begun their endless Ragnarok at the empire. At the end, the empire was cast out to the sky.

Now the sky is once again chaotic, the stars falls, and along with them a girl…… who is about to open the epic chapters.

Dawn Break has reached over 2,000,000 download in Google Play/APP Store, and is beloved by global players!

Dawn Break –origin- is a single-player ARPG, pure and pressure-free. All you need to do is enjoy the plot with more and more battles.

Dawn Break -Origin-

From May 16 to June 15, Early Access player can exchange for 《Dawn Break –Light And Dark-》Light Amulet x1 by sending your Steam ID and nickname to the Dawn Break Fanpage!

Event Link:https://www.facebook.com/AuerENDawnBreakTFE

Dawn Break -Origin-

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