Resident Evil 2 Takes Only 2 Seconds to Load on Xbox Series X

Aside from the processing power and high-end graphics, one of most meaningful the advantages of next-gen consoles is no doubt an SSD. We can see that both Sony and Microsoft usually bring this up as a game-changing feature in order to grant players a new experience as it will make loading time more seamless, with a high-speed writing or reading rate.

Recently, Resident Evil 2 was also tested on the Xbox Series X, too. We can see that it will take roughly 20 seconds from the Home menu to the game; however, it will be only two or three seconds from in-game main menu. It is noticeable that the loading screen just goes up from 10 percents to 100 percents in no time!

Moreover, the footage shared on the post up there was actually from the game that is not optimized for the next-gen console yet. This means the raw processing power is powerful enough to give players a refreshed experience when playing this game, and it will probably be even better should CAPCOM release a patch for Xbox Series X|S in the future.

Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S will be available on November 10th, 2020. While the Xbox Series S only supports up to 2K resolution, it comes with the similar customized AMD Zen 2 CPU and the same SSD, save for less space. For more information on Xbox Series X please visit this link.

We will keep up with more details to come, stay tuned to ThisIsGame Asia!