The Last of Us: Part II is Seemingly Adding on Grounded Difficulty

Lately if anyone has checked in the trophies menu on the PlayStation 4, you can see that The Last of Us: Part II now has two new trophies which is related to the new difficulty and a permadeath setting.

In the prequel, The Last of Us features ‘Grounded’ difficulty which is the hardest difficulty. The game will cut Listen Mode, feature less items and there will be no reflection effect on items, making them difficult to find; moreover, Joel and Ellie will get up to three-time damage when attacked.

However, the permadeath trophy does not mention if players need to clear the game in which difficulty. It might be possible that the game will allow players to go on easy mode. Also, there is no information if Grounded difficulty will be given for free via updates or not.

The Last of Us: Part II is now out exclusively on PlayStation 4. The game takes place 5 years after the event in the first game. For more information, do not forget to stay tuned to ThisIsGame Asia.