Let’s See How Final Fantasy XIV Online Runs on PlayStation 5

It is been confirmed that Final Fantasy XIV Online is indeed coming to PlayStation 5 and will be having a beta test in coming days; nevertheless, it cannot be denied that many players are still curious how their favorite MMORPG will look like.

During the latest livestream, the producer of this game, Yoshida Naoki, has finally revealed the first look of Final Fantasy XIV Online running on the PlayStation 5!

This time, players can now experience the most definitive version yet available on consoles! Without any further ados, let’s watch!

The footage begins at 1:19:02

Final Fantasy XIV Online is now available on PlayStation 4 and PC. The PS5 version comes with 4K resolution and 60FPS, along with other exclusive features e.g. DualSense support and 3D Audio!

Those who are interest can start playing the OBT on April 13th, 2021! For more information to come, please stay tuned to ThisIsGame Asia.