PlayStation 5 Can Actually Run God of War in 4K/60FPS, But There’s a Catch…

Backward compatibility is one of the features on PlayStation 5 that cannot be missed because it is the first time in years that PlayStation home console will support this feature natively.

Games played on the console will come with benefits from a much better processor and solid state drive will also help gaming experience smoother like never before. This alone makes coming back to PlayStation 4 games on a newer system worth a try as the experience will not be the same.

Recently, Santa Monica Studio mentioned that normally PlayStation 5 can run God of War at the 1080p resolution with a near-instant loading speed and better framerate in a performance mode which led players to be pretty upset as 4K resolution will only be limited to graphical enhanced option, coming with 30FPS; however, there are a new lifehack that will boost framerate for a better experience!

VG Tech has revealed that players can run the game on the PlayStation 5 with checkerboard 4K and 60 frame-per-second supports by using the physical copy without any update applied to the game. In this way, the system will not be able to limit the framerate and is forced to run a gain natively; though, the additional game modes e.g. New Game Plus will not be available to choose until the game is updated.

There is no reason as to why Sony and Santa Monica Studio decided to take the support for 4K/60FPS out of this game, but it is assumed that they need to prevent the system to run the game at the highest performance all the time as it can have some damage in the long run.